How much does it cost to Service a Home lift?

Posted: September 24, 2015

Servicing of a home lift costs can vary greatly between servicing companies.

The questions that make servicing costs vary are:

  • Does the company have a specialist maintenance department with qualified lift mechanics?

  • Does the company hold product specific parts in stock or have quick access to parts?

  • How long does the service take?

  • What items are checked during the service?

  • Does the customer get a written service report as to all items serviced.

  • Is a safety check included in the service package. Safety checks are required to be done annually and for part of the Section 32 when selling a home.

  • Does the company have 24/7 lift mechanics on call with a 24/7 emergency call service?

  • It is recommended that home lifts are serviced in accordance with the manufacturers specifications or a least once a year with a safety check to comply with Worksafe requirements.

    A quality lift service should cost between $500 and $550. This covers a mechanic for an hour, their travel time, office expenses, insurance, written service report and a 24/7 telephone emergency back up service with mechanics on call.

    Most companies will package a service and a safety check to give better value to the customer as travel time is reduced. A fully documented service and safety check should cost between $750 and $800.

    To ensure the reliable running and safety of your home lift it should be serviced twice a year and have an annual safety check. A package for this should be $900 to $1000.

    This should provide you with a decent guideline of how much it will cost to service a home lift.

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